As KOYUNCU Information Technologies Services, we provide services in many areas including the design and implementation of the entire IT infrastructure, management of system and network projects from beginning to end, ERP projects, IT consultancy, IT support services. KOYUNCU is a System Integrator focused on 100% customer satisfaction, acting with the understanding of Quality Service.

Koyuncu BTM has adopted the principle of being different in the sector with its customer-oriented approach and solutions offered as a team and has achieved this to a great extent. Our project team consists of experts in analysis, design, development, release and support. Providing support to Turkey's leading agencies in web design and software, Koyuncu BTM provides consultancy and services in the fields of website design and software to many domestic and international institutions and organizations. Koyuncu BTM, which adopts an innovative, professional and customer-oriented approach to every project within its subject, is always with you with all its knowledge and experience...

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